haven’t seen it

Geneviève Waïte as Joanna in Joanna. Michael Sarne. 1968.

“Joanna emerges from a pool after having taken a dip in one of her fantasies”

“Joanna, Gordon, Beryl, followed by Dominic (Dave Scheuer), lead mourners to the graveside of a very close friend”

“Joanna is re-united with Gordon on the beach when he is on the run from the police”

“Gordon (Calvin Lockhart) embraces Joanna”

“Joanna, a girl who sleeps around in London, and finds that her partners do the same”

“Joanna meets Beryl (Glenna Forster-Jones) while she is walking her Afghan

“Neither Cas nor Lefty (Michael Chow) wish to take the responsibility when Joanna questions them about a girl asleep in the bedroom”

Photos and captions from Films and Filming. December 1968.

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