life or death

James Cagney life mask made during production of Man of a Thousand Faces. 1957.

2 responses to “life or death

  1. I’ve just discovered that I’m in your blogroll on your great blog : so much joy ! Your blog is great ,really ,lots of beautiful photos and very good tastes in cinema =) Also great to see anglophone people (are you american ,english ,irish , … ?) who like the french stuffs ,quite unusual and nice to see . Thank you ,the idea of being in your “favorite blogs” (if there are the favorites) is nice .As your blog is really nice too .Sorry for this poor english but I’m french as you know so …

    Good continuation


    • chainedandperfumed

      Hey Clémence,

      I found your blog the other day and liked what I saw so I added it to my blogroll. I am American and therefore your English is far better than my (nonexistent) French. Your blog is great—I like the organization and design of it and the photos that you include. We have similar taste!



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