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  1. “Love gone astray?” – Jaysus…..
    Motown in their ad are not quite showing the full picture – only featuring the part of the record jacket that *doesn’t* include fires, bombed buildings, spiders & wasps, a grasping female hand and a pile of money. A classic of ‘The phonograph album as divorce settlement’. Given that the ‘My Dear’ he’d divorced was Berry Gordy’s sister, perhaps the toning down of the cover-art for the advertising is understandable. Although the flat-out nastiness of it all the fires and spiders and stuff is arguably pretty off-putting to most anyone.
    This guy has a clickable image of the gatefold inner

    • chainedandperfumed

      This album and its sleeve could be a jumping off point for a lot of posts around here: I believe that the guy who designed the Here, My Dear sleeve is the same guy who did this:
      and this:

      And the whole idea of pop artists being “sentenced to” or using a performance or album to settle some legal dispute like this or McCartney’s James Paul McCartney TV special or Lennon’s Rock and Roll LP —it’s such an odd phenomenon.

      All of that aside Here My Dear is brilliant. Easily my favorite Marvin Gaye LP and such masterclass on straddling the line between artistic masterpiece and commercial failure. Christ when the closest thing to a single is something called Funky Space Reincarnation…

  2. Oh wow, the Shaved Fish cover – same artist ! – I see you know your stuff Chained.
    I went over to the shelves looking for some Marvin to play – it’s been a long time.. Knew I didn’t have much in the collection, but expected at least What’s Going On and Let’s Get it On there on the shelf – maybe a couple of other things that I’d forgotten. But no. Nothing was there except Here My Dear which I thought I sold back in ’92. Spooky.
    Funky Space Reincarnation ahoy ….!

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