most promising

Films and Filming. January 1971.

3 responses to “most promising

  1. The very attractive future Mrs Hopper..
    Happy New Year Chained – all recent work highly appreciated.
    Highlights include Delphine S., Murnau ‘in the trenches’, and this photograph – – which is one of the most genuinely touching photographs I’ve ever seen.
    On other topics, I *had hoped* for some cover images from George Harrison singles, but (sigh) – can’t have everything can we ?
    Look forward to incipient new category w/ terrible name too.
    Have a great 2012.

  2. chainedandperfumed


    Thanks a lot and happy New Year to you too.

    I’ve got a lot more coming up so stay tuned.

    Also, the title was so poor you seemed to miss its debut—-
    Way Back is what I settled on!

  3. Oh, I am sorry – ‘Way Back’ is very fine.
    I *will* stay tuned – thanks for super quality thus far.

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