dig the critics

Sight and Sound. Winter 56-7.

3 responses to “dig the critics

  1. This criticism seems positive though, I think it takes a bit of sarcasm. Do not know if the text is more longer, but this paragraph left me the impression that the writer is talking about a pop star who takes advantage of his fame as a singer for explode on the silver screen.

    • chainedandperfumed

      This is the complete review, they gave longer reviews to only a handful of movies at the time and usually ones that would interest their readers a bit more than this.

      I think that the review is fairly kind given what an easy target any movie with a pop singer as its star is.

      • The irony is that Elvis solidified his career in music as in film for years, and is well known that films with stars of pop are superfluous scripts. So even find a hint of sarcasm in criticism. Many of these criticisms, in some occasions, can bury a career development or to determine the ticket sales, which have pudding.

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