the stickers on records

King of America absolutely polluted with stickers. Elvis Costello. 1986.

3 responses to “the stickers on records

  1. From memory (dont have time to check my fact right now) they really fucked this one up – as the cover was supposed to *not* feature the name Elvis Costello and *not* in fact feature any writing on it at all. On “proper copies”, flipping the album over would reveal that it was called King of America. The identity of the hirsute monarch on the front could only be obtained via the spine. the inner sleeve, or by facial recognition. Er…. thought you’d want to know…

    • chainedandperfumed

      And I think that this release was also officially credited to “The Costello Show” to reflect the mix of musicians that were involved (i.e. not just The Attractions)

  2. Absolutely. A fact I thought I was mentioning, but see that I didn’t at all.

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