pen to paper

Films and Filming. June 1979.

2 responses to “pen to paper

  1. I have written to Mr Johnson, at his Horbury Crescent address, commending him on the wealth of information he conveys in the 33 short lines of his letter.
    I rather think that his views on Negroid ‘centauresses’, elephants, ostriches and alligators could benefit greatly from the robust prosecution of a gainsaying view from a stout-hearted interlocutor.
    His knowledge of factual matters pertaining to Fantasia however, appears prodigious.
    I’m sure would no more quarrel with him on any point of fact regarding Fantasia and its soundtrack, than I would you regarding (say) The Beatles.

  2. chainedandperfumed

    In discussing edits to Fantasia he did indeed bring his A game. The fact that the whole letter was dripping in arrogance—even when he speaks for colored people and elephants—made it all the more enjoyable.

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