louise brooks 1979

Louise Brooks encounters herself at an Edward Steichen exhibit held at the George Eastman House. August 5, 1979.

6 responses to “louise brooks 1979

  1. Just got a DVD of her and WC Fields in his silent comedy film “It’s The Old Army Game”. Very funny stuff, and she was great at comedy.

  2. The film employs routines Fields later used in “It’s A Gift”, namely the early morning noisemakers prompting him to come out of bed with a rifle…”Vegetable Man? Vegetable Gentleman?”
    There’s a great joke where someone calls the store and asks for half a box of Smith Bros. cough drops and Uncle Bill says, “Nope can’t do that. I can’t break the brothers up”. 🙂

    • chainedandperfumed

      I love that back porch sequence in It’s a Gift—some salesman or someone like that is bothering him and his wife comes out and yells at him for trading ribald stories. Brilliant.

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