cute band alert

The Frogs (pictured above with Our Lord Grunge), whose Dennis (left) has apparently and unfortunately drowned at the age of 57. And with that our world has gotten a little less awesome. The Frogs were truly one of a kind as anyone who has ever heard their It’s Only Right and Natural LP or their Starjob EP or any of their other usually brilliant, oddball albums or singles can attest.

(Pic and news courtesy of matablog and thanks, Matador, for releasing the Now You Know You’re Black 45 back in the day—I distinctly recall that in the product description for the single in your catalog it advised potentially disgruntled buyers to send their complaints directly to the NAACP—I also recall Malkmus throwing that “here comes the watermelon seed up my snoot snout” line into We Dance when it was performed at your tenth anniversary show.)

2 responses to “cute band alert

  1. Hmmm… not any “cute” in this pic,

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