way back

Mary Pickford‘s first real part, playing opposite David Miles, in ‘The Violin Maker of Cremona,’ a one-reel drama released by Biograph July 7, 1909.”

“‘The Lonely Villa,’ a Griffith one-reel melodrama produced at Biograph in 1909, with Marion Leonard, at the telephone, and Mary Pickford at her right.”

Mary Pickford, pictured in 1916 when the fate of half a dozen motion picture corporations hung in the balance as the producers battled to get her name on a contract.”

2 responses to “way back

  1. Nice blog thing you got, found you by accident, very nice work. I just ordered Christel Schmidt’s “Mary Pickford Queen of the Movies” book. Have you checked this out yet? She works for the National Archives and has been accessing some great stuff on the Pickford era these last few years.

    • chainedandperfumed

      Thanks for finding me, I hadn’t heard of this Schmidt/Pickford thing at all and I just looked at the preview pages offered by amazon and it looks like fantastic stuff. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

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