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Brigitte Bardot in A Very Private Affair. Louis Malle. 1962.

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  1. A rather forgotten Malle film – Vie PrivĂ©e. No English sub-titled DVD release that I’ve ever seen , and the French DVD transfer is reputed to be appalling.

  2. Yeah – this one and Viva Maria with Bardot & Jeanne Moreau.. Also Le Voleur (The Thief) with Belmondo. You might have thought they would get DVD release if only for their stars. Zazie was widely derided for a long time but seems to have been reappraised comprehensively – Criterion release etc etc. [ Me, I *always* loved it.]
    Perhaps the others will be similarly ‘rehabilitated’ in time

    • chainedandperfumed

      Viva Maria was given a DVD and Blu Ray release. They seem to be out of print now but the DVD doesn’t seem to be in demand.

      I didn’t see Zazie or Black Moon until criterion did them and both of them knocked my socks off. I didn’t think Malle had anything like that in him.

  3. My god you’re right about Viva Maria – it seems to still be available – in Australia ! And the front jacket of the soundtrack – I just love it madly –

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