fahrenheit 451

Julie Christie and Oskar Werner in Fahrenheit 451. Truffaut. 1966.

4 responses to “fahrenheit 451

  1. Oskar Werner was 43 years old when he starred in Fahrenheit 451 but looked so much younger.

  2. Opposite Julie Christie. Double good for him.
    Great actors conceal age. Angela Lansbury was only 10 years older than Elvis when she played his mother in “Blue Hawaii”.

    • chainedandperfumed

      And Delphine Seyrig going from convincingly playing a middle aged woman in Muriel (1963) to a hot young thing in Mr. Freedom (1969) and the year before that, a hot not as young thing in Stolen Kisses (68).

      And the real-life 6-year age difference between Bancroft and Hoffman being stretched much further for The Graduate.

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