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  1. Isn’t this the latest in the re-releasing series ? What what previously unreleased extras will get thrown in.

    • chainedandperfumed

      Not much as far as audio goes, it’s 8 songs from the San Francisco date of that tour. And that’s only if you spring for the obscenely expensive ($140) deluxe edition which also comes with books and bells and whistles and a DVD with Wings Over the World on it. The standard CD and LP have no extras aside from remastering. I’m going to skip this one.

  2. Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed the extras on the previous ones. For McCartney II I have this fantasy that the lists were mixed up when they mastered the album – and the ones included were reversed with the cuts to me left off.

    • chainedandperfumed

      I think that he intended that album to be a double at one point (as he had Red Rose Speedway) and when that idea was met without a lot of enthusiasm from his label, he agreed to pare it down to a single LP. So that stuff was recorded with the intention of it being released —somewhere along the way he came to his senses though and agreed that a single album of odd songs and instrumentals would probably be a more commercial one (and I say that as someone who loves those extra McCartney II tracks.

  3. He should re-release it as “Early Fireman” 😉

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