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f for orson

The Third Man

Orson as Harry Lime in The Third Man. Carol Reed. 1949.

pajama party

Bobbi Shaw and Buster Keaton in Pajama Party. Don Weis. 1964.

catching up with the chaplins

Chas and Roscoe gone fishin'

Chas and Roscoe display their catch. Circa 1918.

party in the u.s.a!

The 42nd Street Special

Warner Brothers rolled out the hype for 42nd Street: The 42nd Street Special — a train filled with stars and starlets like Bette Davis, Laura LaPlante and Preston Foster who traveled across the United States to attend President Roosevelt’s inauguration where they got to hear him say that thing about having nothing to fear but fear itself. 1933.

cute couple alert


Xavier Cugat enjoys dinner with his wife Charo at La Scala.

the decorative sex

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair. Norman Jewison. 1968.

on your sleeve

Genevieve Waite

Romance Is on the Rise. Genevieve Waite. 1974.

cover art

Janice Rule reads a copy of this issue by the pool in The Swimmer. 1968.

baisers volés

Publicity shot of Jean-Pierre Léaud (and Claude Jade) in Stolen Kisses. Truffaut. 1968.