on your sleeve

The Country Hams

The Dutch press of Walking In The Park With Eloise. The Country Hams aka Paul McCartney and Wings. 1974.

6 responses to “on your sleeve

  1. Memo to Paul: Speed up the re-release of you solo/Wings catalog. And stuff like the unreleased Nashville Sessions. Your fan base – we aren’t getting younger or richer.

    • chainedandperfumed

      Yeah, these reissues mustn’t be selling much at all because if they were the whole catalog would be out by now. I’m not optimistic that there will be more than one or two more of these before the reissue campaign is abandoned.

      Having said that, Venus and Mars is supposedly next so I think that should include the Nashville stuff.

  2. I’ll find out from my brother.

  3. Checkled. The entire catalog will be remastered and re-released no matter what the sales.

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