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prime cut

Prime Cut

Lee Marvin and Sissy Spacek (in her first credited role) in Prime Cut. Michael Ritchie. 1972.



f for orson

The Lady from Shanghai

The then(-estranged) Mrs. Welles, Rita Hayworth, in Mr. Welles’ The Lady from Shanghai. 1947.

pictures of bowie

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth. Nicolas Roeg. 1976.

cover art

Autumn 1975

Lily Tomlin in Nashville. Altman. 1975.

fellini directs

fellini directs

Fellini directs Valentina Cortese in Juliet of the Spirits. 1965.

the stickers on records

Black Album

Ten years ago today. 2003.

the decorative sex

Bye Bye Birdie

Ann-Margret in Bye Bye Birdie. George Sidney. 1963.

way back

“The Old Imp Company, pictured in the roaring days of the Independent war in the season of 1910-11.

1. Mary Pickford, 2. Owen Moore, 3. King Baggot, 4. Thomas Ince,
5. Jack Pickford, 6. Isabel Rae, 7. Lottie Pickford, 8. Joe Smiley,
9. William Shay, 10. Mrs. David Miles, 11. Joe MacDonald,
12. Hayward Mack, 13. Mrs. Joe MacDonald, 14. John Harvey,
15. George Loane Tucker, 16. David Miles, 17. Mrs. Pickford, 18. Robert Daley, 19. Tony Gaudio

a book by its cover

Russian edition of My Autobiography by Charlie Chaplin.