fellini directs

fellini directs

Fellini directs Valentina Cortese in Juliet of the Spirits. 1965.

2 responses to “fellini directs

  1. Your blog is off the hook. Any archive or Category link that I click bring up something that I find ├╝ber interesting. Whoever is the author of this blog – you are beyond brilliant.

    • chainedandperfumed

      Thanks a lot. I have to confess that this thing has gotten away from me in the past year or so. I did it for a number of years on the daily and hit pause for a vacation and when the vacation ended I found myself in no hurry to get back to it. My interests have shifted and my ways of killing time have changed. Posting here got to be a bit of a chore. Thanks for the kind words (I’ve come across your blog a number of times in the past and have enjoyed what I read). There’s plenty in the archive here to keep newcomers busy and I have a lot in the drafts folder to bring this thing back when I get around to it.

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