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record labels

Beatles' Christmas Album

The Beatles’ Christmas Album. The Beatles. 1970.

Between the misaligned label and the fuzzy-around-the-edges type, I didn’t need Bruce Spizer to tell me that my copy of this LP is a counterfeit.




on your sleeve

Switched On Santa

Switched On Santa. Sy Mann. 1969.

griffith directs


D.W. Griffith, Billy Bitzer, Dorothy Gish, Karl Brown and Miriam Cooper shooting the modern story for Intolerance.

the docks of new york

George Bancroft and Betty Compson in The Docks of New York. Josef von Sternberg. 1928.

f for orson

Ten Days' Wonder

On location in Alsace: Claude Chabrol, Marlene Jobert and Orson while filming La d├ęcade prodigieuse. Chabrol. 1971.

the ballad of cable hogue

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Jason Robards and Stella Stevens in The Ballad of Cable Hogue. Sam Peckinpah. 1970.