buñuel and oscar

Bunuel and Oscar

Luis Buñuel with his Academy Award for The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, which he accepted disguised as Serge Silberman. 1973.

4 responses to “buñuel and oscar

  1. Really? ..!..!..
    Cool as bejesus then – made my week

  2. .. I think ..

    • chainedandperfumed

      I did some further investigation on this pic and it is so far inconclusive. I’d say that it is definitely Bunuel wearing a wig and sunglasses with an Oscar. But the problem comes when I looked for moving footage of this last night and upon locating it found that Bunuel wasn’t there and Silberman looks nothing like the photo above. I believe I got this photo and its caption from a biography that I can not currently find on amazon (or in my apartment for that matter, I may have tossed it into a Goodwill box during my last move —-I really got tired of carrying so many boxes of books up three flights of stairs). The Bunuel Taschen book has the same image but no mention as to why it is the only post-1950 photo of him where he has even a half-way decent head of hair.

      I’m amending the caption for the time being until I can get to the bottom of this.

  3. If only Bruce Dern had dressed up as Matt McConaughey. :-\

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