a book by its cover

A History of Narrative Film

A History of Narrative Film. David A. Cook. 1979.

An important artifact: This is the book that I found in my parents’ attic as a kid that led me to get interested in old movies.

4 responses to “a book by its cover

  1. High regard.
    Here is a personal touchstone of mine -a slightly different kind of cinema I guess.
    It was from the dusty old forgotten parental bookshelf, I’m sure my Dad never read it
    It’s ace..

  2. chainedandperfumed

    That’s a pretty great lineup of interviewees that that book boasts. I think that mine ended up in the attic because it was the text book from some film history class one of my 10 years + older siblings must have taken. The only section w highlights/hand-written notes is the part on silent comedy.

  3. Being a used textbook almost a guarantee of consignment to the attic / basement / dustheap. People forget that *not al*l textbooks are turgid exercises in pain and boredom.
    In commenting, I did not mean to plaster a huge JPEG and ad link. I thought I was pasting a line of text with a URL. Sorry bout that..

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