record labels

So Addictive

Miss E… So Addictive. Missy Elliott. 2001.

4 responses to “record labels

  1. Ah, the classics .

  2. I’m sold that it’s Thursday after the game -and I still don’t know who she is. When Katy gushed pre-game how she was going to reach back an pull some one into the spotlight, I thought, ” SB has it figured out. Young headliner to appeal to that demo – but throw in the classic act as a bone toys Boomers.” So I was thinking Nancy Sinatra, Joey Heatherton, Celine Dion, Striesand… Still a good idea.

    • chainedandperfumed

      I think reaching back now means back to 11 or so years ago. But Missy’s a person of talent and was a big star in the early oughts. And one of those pop personalities who did a good job straddling the line between super-mainstream and near avant type shit. Good videos, too, in a time when MTV was accused of not playing a lot of music but I had to have seen those videos endlessly somewhere. She was, and apparently remains, great.

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