rescued from an eagle’s nest

Rescued from an Eagle's Nest

Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest. J. Searle Dawley. 1908.

4 responses to “rescued from an eagle’s nest

  1. I love this image – love it madly !

  2. oh wow – I just read the wikipedia entry on the film – D. W. Griffith is *in it* ! !

    • chainedandperfumed

      Yeah, he’s the dude w the ax over his shoulder in the beginning, I believe. Letterman got a lot of milage out of the clip for the bird w the baby in its talons on his NBC show ages ago.

  3. Letterman? Oh. (says ‘oh’ and looks slightly ashen).
    (Rallying) – Well that chump can go to hell – I like it anyway – still !

    I see wikipedia is adding more webm files to entries, so you can go and watch this film in a window-band direct from its Wikipedia page.

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