on this day in lohan history


On this day in Lohan History, the internet thrilled as it took a big step toward getting a concrete idea of what Lindsay looks like without her clothes on. This occurred when paparazzi photos, presumably taken the day before, emerged in which Lohan frolicked in the surf of some unknown beach with her boyfriend of the moment, Calum Best — the son of some UK football star whose existence I’m aware of solely because he’s mentioned in that one Black Grape song.

Lindsay 1

But these weren’t your run-of-the-mill Lohan beach photos which tended to appear on gossip sites in 2007 with the regularity of a twice daily newspaper. Celebrity skin site Egotastic published 119 frames from the couple’s day at the beach. The patience of photographer who captured those images paid off when the bikini top Lindsay wore slipped down low enough on her right breast to expose what it was meant to cover long enough for four photos to be taken. Lindsay had fallen victim to what is colloquially known as a “nip slip.” More would follow.

Lindsay 2

Lindsay 3

Lindsay 4

One response to “on this day in lohan history

  1. Girl has nipples! Hot news!
    George Best much more interesting…

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