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pen to paper

It Happened Here

Sight and Sound. Autumn 1966.

pajama party

Bobbi Shaw and Buster Keaton in Pajama Party. Don Weis. 1964.

pen to paper

peckinpahpeckinpah letter

Playboy. November 1976.

hollywood “international principality of motion picture art” or hooray for hollywood by f.w. murnau

F.W. Murnau

Published in The Motion Picture. 1927.


Always sharply dressed. Circa 1927.

the stickers on records

You Turned My Head Around

You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970. Various artists. 2012.

Light in the Attic Records have hit it out of the park again with this killer Lee Hazlewood Industries box set of eleven 45s. Quality stuff.

a book by its cover

My Wonderful World of Slapstick

1982 paperback of My Wonderful World Of Slapstick. Buster Keaton. 1960.

the railrodder

Buster Keaton in The Railrodder. Gerald Potterton. 1965.

Even if you haven’t seen The Railrodder, don’t miss its making-of documentary, Buster Keaton Rides Again. It’s as if an almost 70 year-old Keaton starred in A Hard Days Night.

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who’s a man that we admire

Director, performer, genius, childhood hero and life-long smoker, Buster Keaton

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what’s wrong with being sexy?

Forgive me for being more than a little excited about Light in the Attic Records‘ forthcoming Lee Hazlewood reissue campaign which got a soft kick off this past Saturday with the release of a double LP worth of Lee that looks and sounds just fantastic. The image above is what they chose for the cover which shows that they find absolutely nothing wrong with being sexy. Light in the Attic have already announced an absurdly affordable reissue of this limited edition LP to keep those who went without from being at the mercy of the enterprising individuals on ebay who take advantage of post-Record Store day demand, desperation and delusion. Well done, Light in the Attic, now get to work on the rest of those Lee LPs.