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double feature

Images. Altman. 1972.

The Assassination of Trotsky. Losey. 1972

christmas during wartime

Lieutenant F.W. Murnau celebrates Christmas with a brother officer during World War I.


Brownlow, Gill. 1980.

the stickers on records

Ready to Die. The Notorious B.I.G. 1994.

cover art

Winstanley. Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo. 1975.

Original caption.

m.j. and b.i.g.

Biggie Smalls and Michael Jackson (and Janet and Bill Bellamy!) at the MTV Video Music Awards. 1995.

who’s a man that we admire

Guitar hero, extreme record collector and a guy so cool he bothered to write his well-wishes to this Tokyo-based bootleg music DVD shop in Japanese, Thurston Moore.

record labels

Je t’aime. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Fontana Records. 1969.


Cathryn Harrison and Susannah York in Images. Altman. 1972.

who’s a man that we admire?

Silent film historian, preservationist, documentarian and now Academy Award honoree, Kevin Brownlow. I think it’s well-deserved.

After a preview of Unknown Chaplin at Thames TV. David Gill, Oona Chaplin, Rachel Ford, Kevin Brownlow, Geraldine Chaplin.