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martin produces

George Martin referees the fabs. Circa white album.

years after the event: fan clubs

April 30, 1973

May 30, 1973

Detail of the back of Red Rose Speedway. The Braille says “We love ya baby” and it’s for Stevie Wonder.

Detail of the back of Living in the Material World.


James Paul McCartney. Gary Smith. 1973.

the stickers on records

Red Rose Speedway. Paul McCartney and Wings. 1973.

apple boutique

On this day in 1968 the fabs “tired of being shopkeepers” and closed their Apple Boutique in London after 7 months that cost them £240,000. The store’s remaining stock was given away to the fans queuing here.

record labels

With yesterday’s reissue of the two McCartney solo “debuts”, today seems as good a day as any to look at various editions of McCartney and McCartney II.

McCartney on Apple. 1970.

McCartney on Capitol. 1970.

McCartney. Hear Music reissue. 2011. The version of Women Kind included is the same one that’s on The Piano Tape bootleg. I did not see that coming.

McCartney. Brazilian edition in glorious monophonic sound. 1970.

McCartney II. Side 2 of U.S. edition. 1980.

McCartney II. Side 2 of the Japanese edition.

McCartney II. Detail of inner sleeve/lyric sheet.

Detail of insert/ Japanese language lyric sheet. I wonder why Paul was so eager to ingratiate himself with the Japanese.

Check My Machine. The B Side to Waterfalls 45. 1980.

Today’s ephemera: the McCartney download card.

record labels

Ringo. Ringo Starr. 1973.

foreign wings

German Another Day. 1971.

Swedish Another Day. 1971.

Thai Another Day. Probably borderline bootleg. 1971.

Japanese Eat At Home. 1971.

Swedish Eat At Home. 1971.

Mexican Love Is Strange. 1971.

German Give Ireland Back to the Irish. 1972.

United States’ Mary Had a Little Lamb. 1972.

Yugoslavian Hi Hi Hi. 1972.

Japanese Hi Hi Hi. 1972.

German My Love. 1973.

Argentinian My Love. 1973.

Portuguese Live and Let Die. 1973.

Spainish Live and Let Die. 1973.

French Live and Let Die. 1973.

Swedish Helen Wheels. 1973.

Japanese Helen Wheels. 1973.

French Helen Wheels. 1973.

German Helen Wheels. 1973.

Portugese Mrs Vandebilt. 1974.

Italian Jet. 1974.

German Jet. 1974.

French Jet. 1974.

Japanese Jet. 1974.

Japanese Band on the Run. 1974.

United States’ Listen to What the Man Said. 1975.

Japanese Letting Go. 1975.

German Letting Go. 1975.

German Silly Love Songs.1976.

French Silly Love Songs. 1976.

Japanese Silly Love Songs. 1976.

German Let ‘Em In. 1976.

Dutch Let ‘Em In. 1976.

Japanese Maybe I’m Amazed. 1977.

Polish With a Little Luck. 1978.

Portugese With a Little Luck. 1978.

Japanese With a Little Luck. 1978.

French With a Little Luck. 1978.

German I’ve Had Enough. 1978.

Portugese I’ve Had Enough. 1978.

Portugese London Town. 1978.

German London Town. 1978.

Spanish Goodnight Tonight. 1979.

Portugese Goodnight Tonight. 1979.

Japanese Goodnight Tonight. 1979.

Italian Goodnight Tonight. 1979.

United States’ Goodnight Tonight. 1979.

British Old Siam, Sir. 1979. This was released as a single?

That should exhaust this topic for a while. As always all images are from ebay.

record labels

An ebay seller has recently been listing his collection of WingsBand on the Run LPs from around the world. The poor guy must have fallen on hard times needing to part with gems like these. But his Wings-related loss is our relative gain as his excellent auction listings include photos of the labels on the records giving us a glimpse at global variations. So exciting stuff then. Above is an Italian Apple from 1973.

French Apple.

Russian, on something called Santa Records.

The Greek reissue on Parlophone. 1993.

German on Odeon with a different track sequence.

Argentinian Apple.

Indian Apple.

Mexican Apple.

Korean on Yegrin.

Korean on Giant.

Korean on Holy Hawk.

Japanese Apple.

Japanese Capitol.

New Zealand Apple in All Things Must Pass orange.

harrison directs

George Harrison doing a bit of directing on Magical Mystery Tour. 1967.