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why are we fighting?

Gimme Shelter

Because Albert Maysles, who was partially responsible for bringing us one of the greatest moments in the history of cinema (when that dude from the Jefferson Airplane got his clock cleaned by one of the Angels in Gimme Shelter), died yesterday, here’s an appreciation of Gimme Shelter from Films and Filming. August 1971.

Gimme Shelter 2

Gimme Shelter 3

Gimme Shelter 4

Gimme Shelter 5

on your sleeve

You Don't Own Me

Japanese picture sleeve for You Don’t Own Me (and It’s My Party). Lesley Gore, who died today at age 68.

fellini directs

Anita Ekberg

Fellini directs Anita Ekberg, who died today at age 83, in La Dolce Vita. 1960.

zabriskie point

Zabriskie Point

Daria Halprin and Rod Taylor (who died yesterday at age 84) in Zabriskie Point. Antonioni. 1970.

I realize that this is a pretty crummy photo of Taylor but the stills photographer on Zabriskie Point seems to have favored Daria.

dig the critics

Summer 1968

Sight and Sound. Spring 1968.

to have and have not

To Have and Have Not

Lauren Bacall — one of the last of the Old Hollywood crowd — who died yesterday at age 89, with Humphrey Bogart and Marcel Dalio in To Have and Have Not. Howard Hawks. 1944.

dig the critics


Robin Williams (who died today at age 63) with Shelley Duvall in Popeye. Robert Altman. 1980.

Spring 1981

Sight and Sound. Spring 1981.