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Hard Day's Night

Richard Lester. 1964.


dig the critics

Film No 4 part 1Film No 4 part 2Film No 4 part 3Film No 4 part 4

A relative rave for a pre-John Yoko. Films and Filming. October 1967.

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Grey Album

The Grey Album. Danger Mouse. 2003.

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Bugs Bunny Dark Horse

What’s this you’re wondering? Oh, just a lapel pin depicting Bugs Bunny riding the Dark Horse Records logo. It sort of makes sense considering that Warner Brothers Records was the longtime parent company of Beatle George‘s vanity label. According to the eBay seller who listed this item (and also took the lovely photo you behold), it was produced some time in the early 1990s.

Belt Buckle

Above is a mid 1970s era Dark Horse Records belt buckle that looks like it was produced with a little more care than the lapel pin. Two-hundred of these were created for Harrison to give out to friends and family.

dig the critics

Films and Filming. January 1969.

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David Hentschel

Startling Music. David Hentschel. 1975.

Here’s a weird one. A synth-based track-by-track cover album of Ringo Starr’s Ringo LP on Starr’s own Ring-O Records vanity label (because, at the time, Ringo was as obsessed with his nickname as he is now with the concept of “peace and love”). This album is not unlike Paul’s Thrillington project (which was recorded a few years before it but released a few years after it) in that the Beatle involved couldn’t be bothered to play on the thing so the actual music is played by top-drawer session folk. In the case of Startling Music, most of the drumming is handled by Phil Collins. And because it’s a former Beatle in the 70s, of course at least one track has a reggae lilt about it. Those dudes couldn’t get enough of that stuff.

record labels

Cold Cuts (Another Early Version). Paul McCartney and Wings. 1987.

West German pressing of the oft-floated but never-realized odds and sods collection that Paul McCartney seems to have fussed over endlessly in the early 80s but never got around to actually putting out. As the parenthetical part of the title suggests, there are a number of different versions of this comp floating around. This one opens its second side with an 11 minute version of Linda’s Wide Prairie. It’s worth seeking out if that’s your thing.