bed and board

Jean-Pierre Léaud and Claude Jade in François Truffaut’s Domicile conjugal. 1970.

5 responses to “bed and board

  1. One of the most important couples of the world cinema in their second adventure between “Stolen kisses” and “Love on the run”: Claude Jade and Jean-Pierre Léaud in “Bed and Board”

  2. ilestcinqheures

    Hi ! Where did you get the first photo, the one with Claude Jade playing the violon and Léaud seated on a stool ? I’ve never saw it before… Thank you.

    • chainedandperfumed

      I get a lot of my images from old issues of Sight and Sound or a now defunct UK film magazine called Films and Filming. I’ll checked your site out—it looks good! Feel free to use any image that I’ve got where ever you’d like. Thanks.

  3. ilestcinqheures

    Actually, I took the liberty of using this picture in my own blog… I invite you to visit it and to listen (and download) the main theme of Bed and Board in my last post.

  4. ilestcinqheures

    Thank you very much… oh sorry : Merci !

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