haven’t seen it


This begins a new catagory dedicated to films that I would like to see but that remain elusive. Because I haven’t taken the plunge on the Spanish DVD:


Wilder directs

William Holden and Billy Wilder making Fedora. 1978.



Holden in Fedora

I know that I’ve read an interview with Wilder after this movie’s unsuccessful theatrical release and was he pissed. I’ll have to look for that. Maybe I’ll post it because I remember it being pretty entertaining.

3 responses to “haven’t seen it

  1. I’m a very big Billy Wilder fan but I know nothing about this movie. I didn’t even know William Holden was in it.

  2. chainedandperfumed

    I’ve heard some good things about it and some bad so I’d be pretty interested to see it.

    I think it is one of only three Wilder films that I haven’t seen yet.

  3. Oscar Vasquez

    This movie is a must to anyone who loves cinema. Along “Double Indemnity”, “Sunset Boulevard”, “Ace In The Hole”, “Some Like It Hot” and “The Apartmet” one of Wilder’s best.

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