foreign apples

Today we’ll take a look at the always amazing Apple Records 45 sleeves from around the world (with a focus on John and Yoko). All of these images are taken from ebay. Above we have a Stand By Me from Japan. 1975. (Below is from Germany and below that Portugal.)

The French 45 of Yoko’s Mrs. Lennon. 1971.


The front and back of Plastic Ono Band’s Power to the People 45. Israel. 1971.


France. (familiar image)

Yoko’s Now or Never. France. 1973.

Mind Games. Japan. 1973.

Yoko’s No No No. U.S. 1981. (Not on Apple.)

The Beatles. Ballad of John and Yoko. Portugal. 1969.

Whatever Gets You thru the Night. Germany. 1974.

Instant Karma! Japan. 1970.

Imagine. Japan. 1971. (Though this release seems to be from well after that–possibly 1975. Possibly later.)

Be-Bop-A-Lula. 1975. (Looks like a reissue to me and not on Apple.)

Nobody Told Me. U.S. 1984. (Not on Apple.)

Happy Xmas (War Is Over). Japan. 1971.

Here’s a mind-blowing Give Peace A Chance 45 from Israel that uses a pic of The Fabs instead of The Plastic Ono Band. Amazing! 1969.

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