record labels

Imagine. John Lennon. 1971.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Wedding Album. 1969.

(The above photo of John and Yoko comes from one of the posters included in The Wedding Album.)

6 responses to “record labels

  1. Hello. You have a Wedding Album? Congratulations my friend, this is a great album just for the art and the booklet of pictures. I remember you wrote in the pass you wish own this Lp. I have this one on CD from Rykodisc edition, and Two Virgins and Life with the Lios too, but hope someday will buy the LP!
    I send you my best wishes from Venezuela!

  2. chainedandperfumed

    Wow! You have been paying attention! Yeah, I managed to get a Wedding Album a few months back and I agree that the album’s artwork and photographs are fantastic. As luck would have it I got a copy of Life With the Lions on LP yesterday at a used record store I frequent! I suppose that all I need now is Two Virgins and my set will be complete.

    Thanks for looking and commenting!


  3. check youtube for a rather copacetic performance of Yoko and John with…Zappa and the mothers of invention (yr a Scumbag, baby).

    After a while one starts to understand the tragic beauty of Yoko’s screams and shrieks. Post hiroshima Ahht, like beat generation product.

  4. chainedandperfumed

    I actually had a mild Yoko breakthrough while listening to the first side of Life With the Lions the other night. I thought that—while it’s not something I’ll revisit frequently–there was something of a little more quality there than I expected. It helped that Lennon was banging the shit out of his guitar in a way that reminded me of early Sonic Youth but still…Not as ghastly a recording as I expected.

  5. smackwaster jack

    how lucky you are to get these vinyls.
    Somebody stole me my ones.

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