on this day in lohan history

On this day in Lohan History, the reviews were in for Lindsay’s stint as the hostess of the 2006 World Music Awards! She didn’t fare too well. But before we get to that, for those of you who don’t bother to keep track of awards shows that fall on the more pointless end of the spectrum, The World Music Awards award pop music sales, were co-founded by Prince Albert II of Monaco and—at least for their first 15 years—seemed to mostly exist to bring world class pop (sales) talent to Monaco so that they can be presented trophies in front of Monaco’s Royalty. It’s an expensive party thrown by the very rich and glamourous to award the very (commercially) successful and glamourous. The type of award show that guarantees any invited musical act that turns up won’t leave home empty handed.

The 2006 ceremony was held in London. Lindsay’s hosting duties were minimal—all she had to do was introduce the presenters (a head-scratching who’s who of who was popular and/or available at the time including Pamela Anderson, Natalie Imbruglia, Donatella Versace, Nicole Richie and Denise Richards) and performers (a mixed bag of talent from around the world including Andrea Bocelli, Beyoncé, Enya, someone called Katie Melua, Nelly Furtado, Tokio Hotel, and Rihanna). The awards were handed out on the 15th of November, and the world woke up the following day—6 years ago today!—stunned to discover that the crowd assembled for the show repeatedly booed Lindsay as she flubbed her lines and called for retakes. She abandoned her hosting duties altogether before the show was over after supposedly taking a fall down a flight of stairs while exiting the stage.

When it came to being booed, Lindsay, whose attempt at a singing career at the time wasn’t the distant memory that it is now, found herself in good company. Also on hand that evening was Michael Jackson, the fallen King of Pop, who was to accept an award for the sales of a record that he had released 24 years earlier. The audience expected Michael to perform that album’s title track but turned on him when he left the stage after singing only a few lines of We Are the World which could barely be heard over the song’s original recording which was playing loudly on a loop throughout his time on stage. He was of course surrounded by children for the duration of his appearance. This whole messy affair was of course sweetened before it aired on television. And Lindsay managed to recover from her injuries and hit a few parties before the night was over.

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