way back

Michael Leonard

Latham Relics — above — Michael Leonard, who posed for the first screen fight made for Latham‘s special edition of Edison’s Kinetoscope — below — one of Latham’s Panoptikon’s first projectors — bottom — Latham Eidoloscope film of 1895, extract size.

Latham's Special Edition


4 responses to “way back

  1. Am I your only hit in Japan?????

  2. Hi!
    I’m an NYU grad student working on a research project about Latham’s panoptikon/eidoloscope – can I ask where you found these pictures? They’re great! Every film historian notes that the eidoloscope film was 50mm, but I didn’t realize it had such an odd perforation alignment. No wonder he invented the Latham loop, that film was just begging to be torn!

    • chainedandperfumed

      Nice to hear from an enthusiast, Ethan. The photo and caption come from “A Million And One Nights, A History of the Motion Picture Through 1925 ” by Terry Ramsaye. I would imagine NYU library would have a copy of this thing. If not there’s a preview available on google books.

      Click the category called “way back” and you’ll find a dozen or so other photo posts from this book on this site.

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