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who’s a man that we admire

Filmmaker, life-long smoker, total fucking bad ass, John Ford.


Have you seen Bogdanovich’s Directed by John Ford? This is the best bit in it (if not the best bit in any anything! He calls her Kate for Christsakes!). Add romantic to the resume.

bed and board

Jean-Pierre Léaud and Claude Jade in François Truffaut’s Domicile conjugal. 1970.

record labels

I’ve done this before but it’s just now occurred to me that this is a feature on its own. Here’s a recent pick up, a Dylan mystery: a stereo copy of Blonde on Blonde. It’s an early pressing but the absence of Claudia Cardinale and the whispering scene in the gate (see below) seem to rule out it being a first pressing—either way, the two records themselves are in pristine condition, virtually unplayed. The serial and matrix numbers, along with the “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The” listing (the track listing in the gate continues the song’s title reading: “Memphis Blues Again”) and the presence of the “STEREO ‘360° SOUND'” logo all seem to indicate that it’s a first pressing. Despite this site‘s seemingly exhaustive study of the endless differences in the various versions of the LP’s release, I remain confused as to what exactly it is that I have here.

Blonde gate 1--Cardinale and the whisperer

Blonde gate 2

Apparently, Cardinale wasn’t involved in the photo shoot for the album but was in the photographer‘s portfolio and Dylan thought it would be cool to include it—and who can blame him?

8 1/2

8½. Fellini. 1963.


Pier Paolo Pasolini. Teorema. 1968. Oedipus Rex. 1967.

cute couple alert

Garbo and Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil. 1926. (They’re also remarkably well-lit.)

god’s comic

While preparing a post on the McCartney/Costello collaboration of the late eighties (which may or may not materialize), I came across this pretty slick video of Costello performing “God’s Comic” solo/acoustic style. According to the guy who posted this on youtube this comes from something called Everything You Wanted To Know About Spike. Seeing this sort of makes up for the lack of alternate versions on this song on the Rhino reissue.


Performance. Cammell. Roeg. 1970.

meat rack

I found this newspaper clipping stuck in the pages of the April 1970 issue of Films and Filming. While this is not the coolest thing that I’ve ever had fall out of a used book or magazine, it is definitely the gayest. Enjoy.

the night of the generals

The Night of the Generals. Anatole Litvak. 1967. General Tanz (Peter O’Toole) lies dead in a dining room, after a regimental reunion.”